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Posted: 18/10/2011; 6:12:38 AM
Topic: Gyoza
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It's said that gyoza originated in China and were introduced to Japan. Yaki-gyoza wrappers are slightly thicker than wonton wrappers, and can be purchased in Japanese grocers.

gyoza one:

I made some last night that were filled with cabbage, finely diced carrot and minced and fried gluten, sesame oil, and seasonings. I placed them on an oil-drizzled pan and fried them till golden on one side, splashed in a little water and covered them with a lid.

gyoza two:

Next to them in the pan was a small bundle of fresh Chinese greens - choy-sum I think. Both items steamed simultaneously. When the tiny amount of water was evaporated, the greens wilted and the gyoza crispy on one side, I served them with a mound of fresh jasmine rice and sweet chili tofu.

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