Wild Sourdough

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Posted: 4/08/2010; 2:02:13 PM
Topic: Wild Sourdough
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Wild Sourdough

Wild Sourdough Bread:

If you love sourdough bread, read on.

Yoke Mardewi personally taught me how to make my own sourdough bread, and gave me my first little pot of ancient sourdough culture. I've still got some, asleep in the freezer, awaiting re-birth in less hectic times.

Yoke runs sourdough breadmaking seminars in her home town Perth, and interstate across Australia.

Visit her website for details.

You may also wish to buy her excellent book, available worldwide. I've got a copy. Highly recommended.

Posted by Kurma on 5/8/10; 5:55:12 AM from the dept.

Wild Sourdough

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