A Message of Thanks

Author:   Kurma  
Posted: 12/07/2005; 5:33:33 AM
Topic: A Message of Thanks
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A Message of Thanks

Received this letter today:


Dear Kurma,
Your web site is great and I really enjoy reading your Blog entries.

Years after attending your Melbourne CAE workshops I continue to use your cookbooks as a constant reference for creating sumptuous meals!

Last night KFPs {Kurma's Fried Potatoes} and Dahl dumplings were served up and much appreciated - very fitting for a cold Melbourne night.

Quite simply, this is a message of thanks.

Travel safely and it's good to read that you are feeling better.

Best wishes, AD

Posted by Kurma on 12/7/05; 5:35:38 AM from the Travel dept.

A Message of Thanks

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