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Roxby at Dawn:

It's a virtual return to Roxby Downs to be more precise. You may recall a few warm-up articles about my visit to Roxby Downs, here, here, and here.

The Roxby Downs Monitor has written an accurate write-up of my visit last week for a weekend of cookery fun. Read the article.... (You'll need to scroll down a tad when you get there).

Roxby Kurma Class #1:

In fact it was Jennie from the Monitor who attended the first day of classes and wrote the article. That's Jennie (above, second from the right with her partner Mick standing behind) as we posed in the mid-morning desert sun out back of the school where we conducted the class.

Our venue for the weekend was the Home Economics classrooms of Roxby Downs Area School.

da school:

Our small but intimate team get the lowdown on the timeless art of cooking tasty hot wholewheat flatbreads (chapatis).

watch carefully now...:

The Roxby Rollers in full swing.

The Roxby Rollers:

Finishing off a delectable batch of fresh panir cheese, tomatoes and green peas (matar panir).

matar panir central:

Our second day of classes was a bigger gathering, but the warm sun had disappeared behind looming cloud cover. Would it rain? Indeed not. It hardly rains in Roxby.

Roxby Kurma Class #2:

This is Bernie, our clever and imaginative facilitator, who made it all happen in Roxby. Thank you Bernie.

Kurma and Bernie:

The groaning banquet table called us forth for a second time on the Sunday afternoon.

Roxby fine dining:

It wasn't long before I found myself back in the humble Olympic Dam airport, poised for the long flight home.

goodbye olympic dam:

It's one of the smallest airports I have ever visited, but it got me where I needed to go.

my plane awaits:

Farewell Roxby Downs, see you next year!

see you next year:

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