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Barisa Rock

barisa rock:

Spent my last day in Turkey chanting at a massive rock festival for 30,000 people in a forest outside of Istanbul. 'Barisa Rock' means 'Rock for Peace'. Judging by the response, we certainly spread a fair bit of that.

I'm writing this in Ljubljana, Slovenia (again!). I flew in this morning from Istanbul. I'm repacking. Then we drive to Zagreb, Croatia. No rest for the wicked!

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Barisa Rock

Gozleme, Locum, Simit and a Good Lie Down

My time in Turkey is fast running out. So many pictures to show you and tales to tell, so litle time to do it.

On my first day I concentrated on trying to see as much local cookery as possible. We didn't have to travel far to find gosleme, famous stuffed breads that look like over-stuffed parathas. There was a shop two doors from my apartment!

The shop has an interesting twist: the ladies cook the gosleme in the shop window. The signage says, "A variety of juicy foods are to be found here". Seriously.


I got a crash course on how it's done just by standing outside. The owner invited me in to get a better view. The ladies were so expert that I stood, enthralled and speechless at the speed they silently performed their tasks.


They made us some special made-to-order vegetarian ones - spinach, potato, and potato and cheese.

gosleme for lunch:

I just had time on that day to visit a massive and ancient spice and sweets bazaar in Sultanahmet. Truly breathtaking!

spice bazaar:

The interior of this bazaar was truly cavernous.


I have never seen such a range of lokum, so-called Turkish delight, along with hundreds of other sweets and spices arranged in appetizing displays.



Before I left Turkey, I said to myself, I had to find some simit, those ubiquitous disc-shaped fresh breads.


They are everywhere. You used to have to find a man selling them on street corners. Now every street corner has a simit shop. Times are a-changing.

Well, that's just a small sample of my photos and travel in Turkey. I sure packed a lot into four days. I'll try to share the rest later.

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Gozleme, Locum, Simit and a Good Lie Down


You may be wondering what happened at my cookery classes at ZMSA (Zanussi Mutfak Sanatlari Akademisi), the Turkish Ministry of National Education's Culinary Arts Academy.

It all went very, very well!

Here's the students from my first class.

zmsa crew:

Here's me and my assistant chef Soner Goksu waiting for the milk to boil. You know what they say about watched pots...

watched pot:

Lunch on day two at ZMSA.

lunch zmsa:

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