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By the Time I Get to Phoenix...

My last two nights in Durban and environs will be spent teaching classes in the city of Phoenix, about half an hour drive from where I am staying in Chatsworth.

Those with a penchant for history may recall that this was where the Phoenix Settlement was established by Mohandas Gandhi in 1904, and where he conceived of his ‘Satyagraha’ movement. The place was formally reopened on February 27, 2000, at a ceremony attended by the President of South Africa, the Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini and many other leaders.

More significantly (for me at least) Phoenix is where a large and impressive Hare Krishna Temple was inaugurated earlier this year. I will be there tonight, teaching an enthusiastic group of 25 some of the finer points of classical Indian Vegetarian cookery.

Full report tomorrow...

Posted by Kurma on 1/8/06; 1:58:38 PM from the Travel dept.

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By the Time I Get to Phoenix...

Bookshop Bliss

My night at Exclusive Books was fun, fun, fun! We arrived at Durban's massive Pavilion Shopping Centre three hours before the class/book signing and began our set-up in earnest. I noticed with pleasure the handsome display of my books and the advertisement for the program.


An hour before the class the numbers had swelled to fifty jolly, mostly middle-aged ladies and gentlemen, and all the seats were taken. The program had been overbooked due to so much interest. It was standing room only by the time the class commenced.

bookshop crew:

We cooked a cashew and dried fruit studded Bengali wedding basmati rice (Pushpana), fresh panir cheese fried into little steaks and served on French bread with garden greens and cherry tomatoes, and an orange, lemon, apple and walnut semolina halava pudding. Many of the ever-smiling staff attended the class and happily served over eighty of the tastings.

happy meal:

Everyone enjoyed their little sample plates, and many went home with a newly signed cookbook.

time for tea:

An altogether refreshing night!

Posted by Kurma on 1/8/06; 1:29:50 PM from the Travel dept.

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Bookshop Bliss

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