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Fool's Paradise

C.Schneider from the Gold Coast asks: "what recipes can you share that use guava fruit as an ingredient? I have some home grown guava and would like some interesting ideas for cooking with it."


Well of course you can eat them fresh, or puree the flesh and make a smoothie with yogurt or milk and a sweetener as follows: Blend 300g (10 ounces) guava flesh (seeds included) with 2 cups chilled full-cream milk, 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar, 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk and some ice cubes.

You could also make a Fool, and old English fruit cream. This is my favourite. Pass two cups of ripe guava flesh through a seive, fold through the strained juice of two limes and two cups of lightly whipped cream. Pour into tall dessert glasses and serve immediately.

Or you could make a guava jam or chutney.

Posted by Kurma on 15/5/06; 10:18:40 AM from the Travel dept.

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