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A Pujari's Work is Never Done

Author:   Aniruddha  
Posted: 15/08/2004; 2:26:25 PM
Topic: A Pujari's Work is Never Done
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Here are some more diary notes from Rabindranatha Dasa the head pujari in LA.
There are so many things to check before the doors are opened up in the morning, after all the Deities are dressed, like:
  1. That the back drops are up
  2. That the curtains behind the backdrops are matched according to the trim of the Deities cloths, generally either gold or silver
  3. That the planks are off the Deity doors
  4. That the small Deities are neither too far or too close from each other
  5. That the small Deities are not on the wrong sides of each other
  6. That the small Deities are on the right part of the altar
  7. That the small Deities are facing straight out like the Big Deities
  8. That both Deities have Their flutes
  9. That both Deities have Their sticks for herding cows
  10. That the feet of "Big Marble" Visnu-tattva Deities are showing
  11. There are no pins or towels left on the altar
  12. The pictures on the altar on in the right order
  13. The three floor mats are in their proper place
  14. Big Radha and Subhadra are wearing either nose rings or pins
  15. All the Visnu tattva Deities, both big & small are wearing peacock feathers
  16. "Small" Radha's dress is in order (sometimes Her dress is pulled up a little, this may happen when she is carried from the altar steps to where the Big Deities are standing), that her slip or feet are not showing
  17. That Srila Bhaktisiddanta is wearing his glasses
  18. That the "Big marble" Visnu-tattva Deities are all wearing ankle bells.

It's not such a simple thing to be a good pujari. One has to have an eye for detail. Most importantly one shouldn't take all these things for granted and ignore the smallest details or think them unimportant. What to speak of being on time; another essential element of Deity worship. Oh, and there is cleanliness to.

# Posted by Aniruddha at 15/8/04; 2:31:15 PM to the Puja dept.

A Pujari's Work is Never Done