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If you want news about Melbourne Mahaprabhu Mandir then this is the place to go. Updated with our Srimad Bhagavatam class and local news daily.

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Permanent link to archive for 19/2/11. Saturday, February 19, 2011

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.30.44-50 - Material world is very unpredictable, so in minimum time make maximum effort to advance in devotional service.

# Posted by Bhakti Sara Dasa at 19/2/11; 1:39:36 PM to the Daily Class dept.
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Daily Class - Bhakti Visramba Madhava Swami


A couple more videos:

* The Deities arriving on-site and being escorted to Their grand cart video.

* The parade in full swing video.


# Posted by Guna Mani Nitai dasi at 19/2/11; 11:54:13 AM to the Festivals dept.
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Ratha Yatra Videos

The Deities are clad in Their sunset set today.

As Bhurijana Prabhu prays in his 'Vrindavana Meditations':
... may the sun of my material desire soon set
may the sun of devotional service soon rise...

Let us ponder on similar thoughts as the darsana of Their Lordships unveils.

# Posted by Guna Mani Nitai dasi at 19/2/11; 11:47:07 AM to the Darsana dept.
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