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If you want news about Melbourne Mahaprabhu Mandir then this is the place to go. Updated with our Srimad Bhagavatam class and local news daily.

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Indradyumna Swami travelling and preaching...
The day before I left, I initiated 10 people, bringing the number of my disciples close to 2,000. The next morning as I was packing to leave, I had a small seizure. My body stiffened, my neck and arms were full of intense pain, and I couldn't speak. It lasted only a minute or two but left me exhausted. As I went to lie on my bed I tried to understand why it had happened.

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Bearing the Burden - Indradyumna Swami -

We're in the process of renovating our garden. The fountain pump will be relocated and a new model installed. We're adding some new lamps to light up the pathway to the rear toilets and the garden beds will be higher with a small brick border around each. The jasmine arbors are also being replaced. You can see some plants have to be relocated and have been re-potted by Dandakaranya Prabhu. The wiring for the fountain has been put in by the electrician and Dandakaranya tells me the laying of the concrete footings for the flower beds is planned for this weekend.

If you are wondering about the front fence it is well on its way to Melbourne. It should arrive in the first week of December. We are also beginning work on the pot shed renovations. The builders are gathering quotations for the plumbing and other work that needs doing. We should be starting within the next couple of weeks.

Fountain Wiring

Thumb: 100_0670
Transplanted Roses

Footings Form Work

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Maintenance and Destruction

About a month ago I received an email from Vrsa Prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada who joined the Melbourne temple in 1972. His message wasn't good news.

He's undergoing treatment of a type of bone marrow cancer and requested assistance in letting his friends know what his situation was. I offered to help spread the word and a couple of weeks later he sent me a potted history of his service and career both within and without ISKCON. You can find out information regarding his current progress here.

He'd like to hear from his friends and well wishers.

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Vrsa Dasa (ACBSP)

Acintya Rupa and I paid a visit to Radha-krsna and his wife Palika at Radha-gopinatha Mandira on Tuesday. The temple has been extensively renovated since we last visited over seven years ago. It is an impressive sight. As usual the hospitality was great. We also got to see Bhurijana Prabhu who has been giving seminars in the evenings on the Prayers of Queen Kunti.

Bhakta Rupa and I have started our Law Book work. The facility we have is quiet and cool so we can focus on what is turning into a rather large task. We've spent four meetings getting to this point and still have a lot of work to do before we are finished. Our group started with nine members four years ago. We are now down to three. Jayapataka Swami arrives later this week for our final sessions. It's essential work albeit a bit dry. It'll be worth the effort when we produce the final product.

1 Radha-gopinatha mandira full altar
Radha-gopinatha Mandira

2 Radha-gopinatha

3 Sri Nathji
Sri Nathji

4 Gaura-nitai

5 Prabhupada

8 Entrance

6 Acintya Rupa and Taruni
Acintya Rupa and Taruni

7 Temple Room
Temple Room

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